Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I knew it has been a long time since my last post but I did not realize that it has been almost a full month. I have missed my cross stitching and my crocheting. I have had the chance to read a few of my favorite blogs here and there but I have not been able to pick up a needle in way to long. If you do not have a lot of time skip my post and come back to it later. This one turned out to be longer than I planned.

I have never actually read the books "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events" but I have watched the movie with my daughter. I feel as if I am in the movie. First, as I have said in a previous post, my truck was rear ended over a month ago and they have decided that it would cost too much not be safe for me to drive my truck anymore. I promptly put the check in my bank account and found out it would take up to 10 days for the full amount to be deposited into my account. In this time I talked to a co-worker and was able to find a decent car at a reasonable price. This allowed me to buy the car, pay bills and still have a balance in my account for rainy days. My intention was to go in the dealership with cash and walk out with a car. I test drove the car and there were a few minor things (like you would expect with any used car). My co-worker was still there after the test drive and informed the dealer (someone who he personally knows and has bought the last 6 vehicles from) that there was a clicking noise when I turned out of the lot. The guy said that it was probably the CV joint and that he would fix it before I took the car home.Of course I am not going to quibble over a $400 dealer fee when he is willing to fix a CV joint without charge. Come to find out the people who owned the car first ran it the way it was until the ball bearing fused.If you have ever had this problem you were probably told that it would be cheaper to buy a new car. This dealer actually to the part to a machine shop to get the ball bearing ground out and was able to purchase a hard to find part to complete the repair. (All this without charging me a penny). Now understand this process has taken already taken a week and I needed to turn in the rental I was using since I took the truck in for The day I went to return the car I had to pick up my daughter 45 minutes in the opposite direction and go another 45 minutes past where I started and then return for a dinner with some of my co-workers. I was to be at the dealer before 6. Of course I was late and what do you do when you are late? You speed. I went way too fast and passed a police officer going in the opposite direction. If you thought that their detection devises could not determine your speed when they were moving was an urban legend...I am your proof. It is not!!!! I happened to look in my rear view mirror and saw break lights then his flashing lights turn on as he started to turn around and I knew I was busted so I pulled over and waited for him to get to me. Of course the officer started yelling at me about how fast I was going, how I could have killed someone else, my DD, or myself (he really didn't seem to care if it was me but he added that in anyway). So I received a ticket as was told the court date and that I was to call to see if I needed to appear and was sent on my way. By this time the person at the dealership (not the guy I have been talking to) decided that he could not wait another second and needed to leave. Now I need to return the rental and walk to the dealership since there is no one to drive the temporary car (mine was not yet ready). I was told that the keys would be in the floor board and I would be all set. What I figured would be maybe a mile walk turned into a 3.5 mile walk. My DD was so good. She only whined a little bit and had only a few tears leak out. Now on to my story...We finally reach the dealership and find the car. We get in, I insert the key and turn it...and nothing. No engine turning nothing. So I call my guy. He says he is sending someone out to jump start the car. We jump it and the moment I let my foot off the pedal the car dies. We tried this 3 times and the same thing happens. Finally the person who came out to help me calls my guy and he tells her that it is just out of gas. She argues with him for a bit and tells him that she is not going to let me off the lot with a vehicle that is going to leave me stranded and that she doesn't have time for this and is needed elsewhere. She puts maybe 1/4 of a gallon of gas in and what do you starts and stays running. Now by this time both my DD and I are starving and we needed to put gas in the thing. I am told to keep the car running while if fuel up. This is the most scary time for me cause I have never done that before. There are big signs all over the gas stations that tell you to turn off your vehicle while fueling!!!! I decided that it was best to not turn the car off at that time and put some gas in. Then we went to a drive thru since I still did not dare to turn the car off yet. We get our food and start home. About 10 minutes later we both realized that we were missing food. " Baby" I said, "I over paid for our dinner but I am not turning back." Do you know what she said? "It's OK mama.". Then I had to work all weekend (another 20+ hours). I don't know if I have ever said but I am an HR Administrator/Payroll for a company and we have been working on transferring to a new accounting system. On Monday I sent out a report for review. I knew that this report included not only hours but pay rates. Before anyone says anything I realize this is the point where I went wrong. There really is no one else to blame but myself. I sent this report out to those I thought knew the rates and could approve the hours. I was wrong. They did not know the rates and there were those who pitched a fit. The more I think on it the more I realized that I should have known better. I work(ed) with children. If they didn't like something they immediately tattled to the nearest teacher. Today I was called into a spare office and was told that I was terminated effective immediately. Of course I cried. I tried not to but it didn't work. I was told to hold on a few minutes while the room we were working in was cleared out so I could remove my things and was then escorted out of the building. I have been trying to process this all night. I realize that this was probably G_d's way of telling me that he does not want me working there any more. I have felt this before but have ignored it since I was so comfortable there. I have also been trying to look at the bright side of things this afternoon...I have been saying that I am mentally exhausted and that I needed a break (watch what you pray for) and that my house is a disaster since I have not had a chance to clean since I work 10 hour days at the office and then come home and work another 2-4 hours. Now I will have the chance to clean the house, take care of those pesky things like renewing my license and get some stitching done. All this will need to get  done between searching for another job. I know one is out there (probably near family). But I will be able to get some stitching done.

Thank you everyone for listening to me cry, _itch and moan about my situation tonight. I am allowing myself to wallow in my misery for one night and then I will pick myself up and move forward. 

I already have plans on getting up in the morning and getting some of those pesky little errands done. I might even find the time to put a few stitches in the baby blanket I am working on while waiting at the DMV and getting a few more XX's in a couple of other projects I have going. Don't worry all, I know all is going to work out in the end. I am not alone (G_d is with me) and He has plans that I am not yet aware of.

Good night and sweet dreams
Angela, The Crazy Cat Lady (as my daughter calls me)


Woman Seeking Center said...

Angela I am so sorry to hear of all these challenges that are being left upon your doorstep!

First your truck, now the ticket, the other car problems and as if those are not enough the turn of events at work.

I'm sending you a cyber-hug right now {{hug}} Be strong (you must be as your daughter is brave and strong and learned this from you). I hope with all my heart you have luck in finding a new (and happier) job. Inbetween it will be good to have time with your daughter, and time for yourself to catch up and stitch.

Thinking of you....


Faith... said...

So sorry to hear about your job Angela. I will pray that you get another soon. Hope that car is running smoothly now so you guys can at least get around.