Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Sad Update...

Hello all,

I received some sad news today. I was told that I will not be able to get my truck back. The frame is bent too bad and the repair shop will not be able to straighten it out and it still be safe to drive. The good news is that I get a decent amount for it. Then the bad news is that once I settle I no longer have something to drive (I was given a rental) and will have to try to get a new (used) vehicle. The problem is, I am still paying a family member for the truck and will have to try to find something in the range that I am receiving for the totaled truck so that I can continue the payments on the original loan.

Unfortunately there is not a stitchy update. I have been getting home after training this week and working on my normal work load. All this leads to a very full head not able to concentrate on placing my needle in precisely the right place. I hate having to re-do something and since I am currently working on either gifts for people or a HAED, there is no way I am going to mess any of those up. I have been able to catch up on my blog reading which has allowed me to keep calm and eventually rest.

It seems as if I have only been focusing on the bad things, and I guess I have a little. Now that I am able to share my news I can let it go and concentrate on new things. I can't say having all this happen right now is a picnic but I realize that the Lord is teaching me that I need to work thru problems and not bury my head in the sand and hope that they will go away. I know He is here next to me and is walking with me. I listened to some wonderful teaching the other day. I learned that we all have Peace. We just have to push our weak and hyperactive selves aside to let the peace be forefront in our lives. We have to make the decision to do this and we can not just "pray" to be given peace. We already have it and we have to accept it.  OK, I will now get off my soap box and let everyone get a good night sleep.

Sleep well and place a few extra stitches for me,

TaTa for now, the Crazy Cat Lady (as my daughter calls me) Angela

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