Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quick Update

Hello all!

Wow, two posts in a week! What happened you ask? I started training on the new software and am too tired to put any stitches in any of my projects today. I don't want the frog to visit my house. So what did I do instead tonight do you ask? Well, I did a little work on my day job (once I was able to get connected which took me an hour and a half) Stupid Internet. Then I decided I better not try to stitch any because my tension would be all wonky and I probably would not count correctly. I was able to finish one of the kitchen towels for my Father and his wife Sunday after I returned home from work.

I think it turned out wonderful if I say so myself...and of course I will ;) I have realized that I do not like stitching on this type of towel. It is way too easy to get my tension too tight or too loose if I am even just a little distracted. So I put the second one aside for now until I have a little more time to pay attention to it and started to work on my DD cat (quilt/wall hanging?) again. Not sure exactly what to call it. I picked up the design for free (and I will have to search for it again to list it on here for proper credit). They look so neat since the design is almost like a postage stamp. I am using variegated floss only, in blue and purple for the main design and pink for the hearts. I just love the way it is turning out. I already picked out the fabric I will put between the stitching and around the outside (with DD's help...after all, it will be in her room). This is an easy stitch and I am able to see progress quickly.

I am off to more training for the next couple of days. I still am required to get my normal work done (how I am not sure...after all I am not a robot ;p )

Since I need to be in class early and it is already late I am going to say good night.

TaTa for now, the Crazy Cat Lady (as my daughter calls me).

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Woman Seeking Center said...

Hello Angela (or should I say CCC? lol)

Lovely to see more of your work - thanks for the tip/insight about the thread tension issue on that weave/type of towel. I'd not have suspected that....

Hang in there thru all the training AND regular work AND daily life! A tall order to face each day for certain.