Monday, August 25, 2014

Stitch From Stash 2014 August Update

It is hard to believe that another month has flown passed us. Summer is over and school starts for the kids in my neighborhood. I didn't get as much done this month as I had hoped, but I did get to spend some time with my oldest daughter. We took a long weekend and drove to visit which resulted in absolutely no stitching for over a week (some of the time was spent recovering from driving 19 hrs each way). I was so tired that I was afraid I would mess up any project I picked up. I was starting to have withdrawals from not being able to pick up fabric and thread. I did purchase two pieces of hand dyed fabric (they were actually quite large) and a cute alphabet pattern that I have had my eye on this month. I needed a few more neutral pieces of fabric on hand for some of the patterns I want to stitch soon.

Amount Spent: Balance $56.78 plus $25 bonus Spent: $41.25 ($16.25 after bonus) Ending Balance $40.53

New Starts from Stash:
  • June's Honeysuckle - My Garden Journal by Cottage Garden Samplings
  • July's Delphinium - My Garden Journal by Cottage Garden Samplings
  • Love Beareth - Bucilla kit
WIPs or UFOs worked on: None

Now that I have the details out of the way, let me show some pictures.

First up is June's Honeysuckle from the series "My Garden Journal" by Cottage Garden Samplings

Next up is July's Delphinium. Don't you just love the the picnic?

Here is the Summer Panel to date. Just 4 more month's and the year is complete!

I received Bucilla's Kit "Love Beareth" in an exchange last month. My youngest saw it and immediately asked me to stitch it for her. How could I resist. So after completing July above, I made a start. I was surprised at how many colors make up this one little bear, but I have to admit he is cute. I have since started his friend and hope to make a finish this weekend.

As I mentioned above, the new school year starts today and I just had to take a picture. Of course she didn't really want to but she humored me.

Here are me and my girls. How I missed the oldest.

Here is my stitching buddy this weekend. Every time I sat down, he climbed in my lap. I think somebody missed us while we were gone.

I guess it is time to let you get back to your day.

Ta Ta for Now,

Monday, August 11, 2014

Garden Journal Update

Hello all,

I am so excited I finished another month on "My Garden Journal" and about half way on another!!

First up: June's Honeysuckle

Aren't those little bees in the border so cute?
Next is my progress on July's Delphinium.

Still enjoying working on this series. I hope to get this completed soon. Will be taking a short weekend trip to see my oldest daughter. We are so excited.
Last week I was contacted by Cottage Garden Samplings seeking my permission to post my progress pictures on their Face Book page. They liked the idea of doing a set of 4 Seasons. What else could I say but "YES". I was so excited to see their post. This gave me such a thrill, that now I can hardly put this project down.
Ta Ta for now,