Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Sad Update...

Hello all,

I received some sad news today. I was told that I will not be able to get my truck back. The frame is bent too bad and the repair shop will not be able to straighten it out and it still be safe to drive. The good news is that I get a decent amount for it. Then the bad news is that once I settle I no longer have something to drive (I was given a rental) and will have to try to get a new (used) vehicle. The problem is, I am still paying a family member for the truck and will have to try to find something in the range that I am receiving for the totaled truck so that I can continue the payments on the original loan.

Unfortunately there is not a stitchy update. I have been getting home after training this week and working on my normal work load. All this leads to a very full head not able to concentrate on placing my needle in precisely the right place. I hate having to re-do something and since I am currently working on either gifts for people or a HAED, there is no way I am going to mess any of those up. I have been able to catch up on my blog reading which has allowed me to keep calm and eventually rest.

It seems as if I have only been focusing on the bad things, and I guess I have a little. Now that I am able to share my news I can let it go and concentrate on new things. I can't say having all this happen right now is a picnic but I realize that the Lord is teaching me that I need to work thru problems and not bury my head in the sand and hope that they will go away. I know He is here next to me and is walking with me. I listened to some wonderful teaching the other day. I learned that we all have Peace. We just have to push our weak and hyperactive selves aside to let the peace be forefront in our lives. We have to make the decision to do this and we can not just "pray" to be given peace. We already have it and we have to accept it.  OK, I will now get off my soap box and let everyone get a good night sleep.

Sleep well and place a few extra stitches for me,

TaTa for now, the Crazy Cat Lady (as my daughter calls me) Angela

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quick Update

Hello all!

Wow, two posts in a week! What happened you ask? I started training on the new software and am too tired to put any stitches in any of my projects today. I don't want the frog to visit my house. So what did I do instead tonight do you ask? Well, I did a little work on my day job (once I was able to get connected which took me an hour and a half) Stupid Internet. Then I decided I better not try to stitch any because my tension would be all wonky and I probably would not count correctly. I was able to finish one of the kitchen towels for my Father and his wife Sunday after I returned home from work.

I think it turned out wonderful if I say so myself...and of course I will ;) I have realized that I do not like stitching on this type of towel. It is way too easy to get my tension too tight or too loose if I am even just a little distracted. So I put the second one aside for now until I have a little more time to pay attention to it and started to work on my DD cat (quilt/wall hanging?) again. Not sure exactly what to call it. I picked up the design for free (and I will have to search for it again to list it on here for proper credit). They look so neat since the design is almost like a postage stamp. I am using variegated floss only, in blue and purple for the main design and pink for the hearts. I just love the way it is turning out. I already picked out the fabric I will put between the stitching and around the outside (with DD's help...after all, it will be in her room). This is an easy stitch and I am able to see progress quickly.

I am off to more training for the next couple of days. I still am required to get my normal work done (how I am not sure...after all I am not a robot ;p )

Since I need to be in class early and it is already late I am going to say good night.

TaTa for now, the Crazy Cat Lady (as my daughter calls me).

Sunday, September 9, 2012

WOW! I have followers? and Pintrest

Good morning friends,

I do not like to post when I do not have anything to say except to say "Same Stuff Different Day". It has seemed like this is the sentiment every day this week. We had some stressful days this week with month end close and starting training next week. So the next six weeks will be a repetition of the theme...lots of training then work on the normal day to day stuff after hours. Hopefully I will be able to get at least a couple of stitches in each day. Thank goodness I have my friends online where I can look at their progress and keep the stitching mojo even if I can't actually place a stitch.

I have found Pinterest. I did not know how addictive this site could be. Each time I log in I find out new things. I have even tried one of the recipes this weekend. It was a learning experience but still tasty. I now have another item to take up my time. I have found that when I try to stitch and look at Pinterest, I don't get much stitching done. :( I have to switch to my old standby of TV shows to get any work done. ;)

As I logged on this morning I saw that I have three followers. WOW! I never thought there would be anyone interested in my little spot in the world. Thank you so much for wanting to see my progress and listen to my sometimes rambling thoughts. It was such a pick me up when I saw that.

Now on to some progress photos.

First...the blank spaces at the edges of the kitchen towels I am stitching for my DF and DSM kept bothering me. In the picture below you can see where I started the second towel thinking that I was done with the first. Since it kept calling to me saying "I need more" I took them to some friends and received a second opinion. It was decided that one more design needed to be stitched on the end. I started it and had to frog out three of the flowers because I didn't like the way they turned out. Finally decided on the colors to use and was able to get the first one finished and made a start on the other end before I needed to sleep last night. I might be able to finish the second one tonight after work.

I finally glued the back onto the two monogrammed trivets for them. Once the kitchen towels are done I will begin the picture for the wall. Tigerlily decided that I was done with my coffee last weekend and that the trivets needed to be darker. I was not in agreement but I had no say so. I was in the process of getting all my thread together for my HAED Boo-Spangler by Michele Sayetta. I had my thread spread out next to me as I was winding them onto bobbins when he jumped across my lap scatching my leg and dumping my coffee all over everything. I had thread hanging from every door in the house drying after having a quick wash in the sink. After all of that I was able to make a small start but I have not had the energy to pick it back up this week. I was able to get at least one thread per day done in the second kitchen towel. (Meaning one word per day)

I was trying to get some stitching done yesterday morning but all three cats decided I needed cuddle time more. My DD came in and took this pic of me trying to make some progress :)
Once I was able to get them off my lap, two of them decided to use my side table as a snuggle spot.

Last but not least my poor truck is not faring so well. I had just dropped DD off at girl scouts and was stopped at a light and heard tires squealing and then I was hit so hard I hit the person in front of me. Of course the guy tried to say that I hit the lady in front first so that he didn't have to cover my front end damage. Good thing I picked up the police report before calling in for my damage. Of course it still took a couple of days to get that resolved. But I finally get to take her to get fixed tomorrow. Rental car here I come. I am scheduled to have it for 5 days. Hopefully that is it, but everyone is telling me to expect to have it longer. Oh long as my baby gets fixed.

I hope everyone gets lots of little x's in for me this weekend. Now off to work for the start of the crazy training/working hours.

TaTa for now from Angela the crazy cat lady (as my daughter calls me)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Stash & New Start

Good Afternoon all. I have to confess...I picked up some new stash the last couple of days. I made a long overdue purchase at HAED. I picked up Boo by Randal Spangler
I have been looking at this one for months and months. I finally broke down and bought it. Of course that meant I had to go out and get a new light for my room...

And then I had to get something to hold the material while I stitched the new project...

And last but not least...
All this took me a full day to put together. Now this evening I can actually start the chart. I can't wait. I just wanted to share an update with all.

Angela the crazy cat lady (as my daughter calls me.)