Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween & SFS2014 October Update

Hello all!

I haven't really meant to avoid being online lately but that is what seems to have happened. I need to be on the computer for work all day and really don't want to touch it when I get home. Which means that there is not much time for blogging and reading all your great posts. Sometimes a person just has to make some hard decisions...reading the latest book in the series or stitch. Such a dilemma :(

There are some books that I can listen to and satisfy both cravings but not all the authors I love are in audio format so my stitching has suffered. It didn't help that for over a week I was laid low by a stupid cold. I would go to work and by the time I came home I was barely able to function enough to cook dinner for the little one.

As you know, I have been participating in Mel's SFS2014 this year and even though I never really spent that much on enhancing my stash, it has made me be more conscious of the money I do spend. Last month I took my free month, not because I spent too much (I did purchase some lovely threads from a FB group) , but I couldn't seem to get myself together enough to make a post or even an email. Sad I know but there it is. Well this month I am on the ball (maybe a day later than I should but I am here). Mel's precious other half has generously allowed a bonus this month which I am taking full advantage of. I am going to participate in my first Mystery Sampler. Lizzie Kate has put together her "Things Unseen" Mystery Sampler and I just love the colors and motifs that she has revealed so far and I can't wait to get the first part in the mail. Thankfully the first invoice came just before the month closed and I could take advantage of the last bonus of the year. Now onto the details.

Amount Spent: Balance $40.53 (August Ending balance. Since I took a free month I thought that I should not add September's allowance).

Bonus used: $50.00
Part 1 of Things Unseen Sampler $69.00 and $0.60 thread purchased to almost finish kitting up a new project (Total $69.60)
Balance: $19.60 to be used against monthly spending

Final Balance: $45.93 ($40.53 + $25.00 - $19.60)

New Starts from Stash:
  • 2 WOCS mittens
  • 2 Exchange pieces ready for finishing
WIPs or UFOs worked on: White Willow Stitching Tribal Pumpkin (started in September)

I have made some progress though, so onto some pictures.

 This first is a cute little mitten I stitched for WOCS. I completed a second one but forgot to take a picture if it. (Oops) These are the type of projects I love for my lunch time at work. Very easy to follow and quick to stitch up. You really can't see it in the picture but it is stitched on a baby blue fabric that allows the blue and red to stand out.

Updated: I found the picture of the first mitten I stitched for WOCS. 

 Next up is the start of one of my exchanges that I am working on this fall. I could only work on this one after work when I was not very tired. Black 22 ct fabric is a little hard on the eyes, but I love the way it turned out. I used thread from the FB group Fiberlicious and it turned out just wonderful. The colors are outstanding. I have a second piece that I completed on the same fabric but since it is also for an exchange, I can show any more, but the colors just pop.

 This is the other thing that has kept me busy over the last couple of months. I made my Little One's Halloween costume which will double as her outfit when we next go to the Renaissance Faire. I made the skirt and cloak. The funny thing...She wares the cloak every day. It makes a momma feel good to know that something she made is enjoyed that much.

Last but not least I have been working on White Willow Stitching's Tribal pumpkin. I changed the leaves and stem from the brown to green and I love the way the colors are coming together. I am almost done and hope to have a finish this weekend.