Thursday, October 25, 2012


My last post was quite somber. Today is a better day. I am still climbing that ladder up out of the dark hole but there is more light than yesterday. I was able to make some progress on my craft (dumping ground) room. I even started sorting my library. I decided to take a hard look at the books I currently own. I am only keeping about 5 series.

The rest will go into a yard sale. The picture to the right are the boxes of books I have decided not to keep. I have another 3 boxes so far that I am keeping.  I will be looking through all of our stuff as I go thru it and deciding what I can do without. Of course, not a single bit of my crafting stash will be going (lol). I love yarn. I didn't realize how much yarn I currently have until I started packing. When my daughter came home from school yesterday and saw my box of yarn she told me I am not allowed to buy any more until I use up some of my current stock.I know that I have not packed all of it so I had to agree. After working in the one room I was able to work on the green blanket

and was able to get quite a few rows done. I may have to go back on that agreement so that I can complete the current project. :)

Time for me to back back to the craft room.

TaTa for now,

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