Friday, October 26, 2012

Another Day

Hello all,

I worked on my craft room again yesterday. I was able to box up more books.
The stack of books to go.
I still have 3others that I am taking with me. Went hrough and found almost all my yarn.
The Big Box of yarn (I have my current projects in drawers)

Put my fabric (both larger pieces and scraps) in boxes.

I have also been working on sorting out my crafting supplies and putting them together so that I can find them again after the move. ;)

After filling up a couple of boxes I realized that I had run out of tape to close the boxes. So off I go to the store. I needed to pick up a few things for the house anyway. While there I passed the toy section on the way to the health and beauty section. I started to think about needing to get Christmas presents. I ended up spending about $50 on presents at the one store. Then I decided to go to a craft store to pick up the yarn to finish the green blanket. Of course they didn't have the colors I needed so I will have to place an order online. While there I saw a lot of cute stocking stuffers for $1. I picked up some of those for my DD and picked up a cross stitch pattern book for me. This will be wrapped up and put under the tree for me. :) My Dad taught me that if I wanted something for Christmas/Birthday get it and put my kid's name on it. Then I remembered that there were a few books that she wanted so I went next door and picked them up. Of course I couldn't help looking at the magazines and picked up a Christmas magazine.
Enjoy Crossstitch at Christmas

It came with the bonus penguin chart and enough material for six cards and 3 ornaments. I completed all shopping for my girl except for the candy for her stocking. I may pick up one or two more things for me before then. Since I probably will not be moving until after Christmas but before New Years I will not be doing gifts for many people this year. Anything I do give will be hand made from my current stash.

My girl has been begging for a pumpkin to decorate this year and I finally broke down and picked up a couple. I leave you with the results of our decorating. ( I painted mine).

TaTa for now,

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