Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What a weekend!

I have been going through my craft room and stash in preparation of moving next month. I found a few pieces that I stitched in '03 and even one I stitched in '98. Since I no longer have little ones or someone I wanted to give these to I decided to gift these pieces to a group called WOCS (World of Charity Stitching).

As I was washing the miscellaneous pieces my DD decided she liked the one below so much she needed a pillow made out of it. I don't think you can tell from the picture, but the material is a pretty baby blue. Now all I have to do is find some pretty background fabric. I might just have the right kind already in my stash. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

I was able to stitch this weekend. I found the maple leaf pattern WOCS is using for one of their quilts and saw that it was an easy chart to read. I used variegated threads on each of these and think that two of the three are worthy of being put in a quilt. I added the third in case my opinion was biased and others actually like it.

If not, my feelings will not be hurt. Each one only took the day to complete.  Now I am working on the free Brush Stroke Butterfly Pattern by Stitching the Night Away. Again I am going to use the variegated floss (at least for one or two). These butterflies are so pretty and can be used with any combination of colors that you would like.

My DD had an election at school today. She came home and asked to watch the election coverage tonight. (We have already watched all the debates we could). Normally I like to watch video's during the counting coverage and then find out either with the late news or in the morning who won, but I can't tell her no. I want her to grow up and vote based on informed decisions.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Ta Ta for now,

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Emma said...

Your stitches look great. The variegated threads make a great effect.