Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Random Thoughts

Today I spent outside blowing the leaves from the yard so that the neighbors wouldn't be embarrassed by their lazy neighbor when their holiday guests arrive. I spent 4 hours out there trying to make sure every leaf got put by the side of the road neatly. I have about 1/2 acre as my front yard and 4 large maple trees (along with a couple from both neighbors yards). By the time I finally finished and looked over to where I first began...What do you think I saw?  That space full of leaves again. AARRRGGG!!!! I was immediately reminded why I don't see the point in cleaning them up while there are still leaves in the tree. Oh well...they can stay there. At least you can see the ground still. (Maybe not by tomorrow morning.) My arms hurt from holding that darn leaf blower for so long. My hands have finally stopped tingling :) What I would really like is if the front that will be moving in this weekend will blow the rest of the leaves down so I only have to do this one more time this season. I know...wishful thinking. But a girl can hope can't she?

On to other thoughts. I was just vegging in front of the TV and saw a commercial for Medicare insurance. I know I am not quite ready for it but it made me think. Why are we required to sign up for Medicare insurance when we reach THAT age? Many people that I know are working and can afford their own insurance and want to keep it but were required to sign up for Medicare. Of course they now have to sign up for an additional insurance (that is not the normal full coverage) in order to fill the gaps left by Medicare. Is there anyone who can explain it to me? I am very confused.

On the stitching front, I have decided to go ahead and start a snowman ornament (that just might be more trouble than it is worth since it is so small). But since I have it and it is now open I really need to get it stitched so I don't loose any part of it. hehe

Ta Ta for now,
Angela the crazy cat lady (as my daughter calls me)


Nicola said...

Enjoy stitching your snowman ornament. I can sympathse with your leaf problems we too have to spend hours raking them up.

Anonymous said...

Hey gal. I really enjoyed reading through your blog. You've made some pretty impressive pieces. Seems like you raise the bar on each new project. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.