Thursday, June 6, 2013

Settings Change and a Good Read

Hello everyone,

I finally had to change my settings to not allow Anonymous commenter. I seemed to have acquired a major spammer. I didn't realize how bad it was. I receive and comment via my email. I don't know what made me go to my comment section but I had almost 200 spam messages!! Yikes!! If that doesn't fix the problem I am going to have to put comment verification on. I want to apologize for not realizing sooner that this was a problem. Why must some people create such havoc?

I have been stitching like crazy this week but still have not taken any pictures. *sigh* One day I will remember. Since I can't seem to get into a good rhythm stitching on my lunch break I have been reading. I originally purchased my tablet thinking that I could play all the same games as my I-Phone but since I didn't purchase the I-Pad (it was going to cost $700 more than what I did pick up) I can't play all the same games. But what it does have is the Kindle app. So now I can take a book everywhere with me. Don't get me wrong, I still love paper books. I enjoy the way they feel in my hand and even the way they smell. But there are sometimes a book is too cumbersome to fit in your purse or pull out while waiting in line.

Following links in other blogs I stumbled upon a wonderful author Susan Shay. (follow the link to her blog) I picked up both her books and love them. I can't wait until her next one comes out. I have picked up quite a reading list by the reviews other people have posted. I have also found that some of the classics can be picked up for free. I remember reading quite a few of them when I was younger. I am very happy that I have picked some of them up again. As an adult you have a different perspective of what a book is about. For example...The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I think I first read this book when I was twelve. When your that young anything secret is a draw. I remembered the book as a nice entertaining read about a girl who is sent somewhere that had a great big garden and she found a part that she was not supposed to be in and her adventures there. Reading it as an adult you see so much more. The transformation from unhealthy to healthy children both physically and mentally. And the virtues of children being allowed to play outside. I am not very good with reviews so I will stop there. But I did want to mention that sometimes it is good to re-read books. You may be amazed at what new wonders you will discover.

On that note I will take my leave. Must get back to work.

Ta Ta for now,
Angela CG

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