Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We have arrived!

Hello All!

Warning...this is a long post.

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Thank you for your patience while I have been away. We arrived in Texas on Sunday. The extra help we thought would be here was unable to help but that is OK. We were able to unload everything that goes into the house in about 2 hours. Thank goodness. It took us a total of 5 hours to pack the truck, trailer and car Friday and early Saturday (and we had 6 people loading). That was not fun. I am thankful to all my friends who helped us load up. I do not want to have another weekend like this last one. On Friday my daughter and I were at 2 (yes crazy I know) Girl Scout cookie booths. Then we went home and loaded the truck. At about 10 pm when we couldn't fit anymore into the U-Haul we sent everyone home after much thanks and hugs. Then we got up on Saturday to load the rest of my things. A note of warning will be mentioned. If you think all your things will fit in one size truck, upgrade to the next larger size. You will be much happier and everything will fit. This is not what I did and we packed the trailer we were taking almost as high as the truck. We were a sight to see driving down the road. Gas mileage could have been better but then again...we were a little overloaded. But the drive went smoothly. I even had the chance to have the car all to myself. My little one decided she wanted to ride the whole way with her uncle. He was such a good uncle and let her. I was able to listen the the book "The Hunger Games". I have to admit that I am very glad I picked up the audio version. I don't think that I would have been able to get into the story line if I actually read the paper version. It is a very good book. Needless to say that I have not picked up a needle in over a week. I have put some loops in my latest crochet blanket but even that is not that much farther along. Yesterday was devoted to putting the kitchen in order and getting the living room put together. Last night I went to bed with a scratchy throat and woke up with it on fire. Today the only thing I was able to do was sleep and put up my books. At least that is another 6 boxes out of the way.

The place we moved into needs some work. The previous tenants were very bad animal parents. They let their dog(s) pee in the house and did nothing to eliminate the urine smell. We now need to replace almost all the carpets in the house. I think the only room they made sure didn't receive this treatment was the master bedroom. This means that the little one's room is in a stage of disrepair. She will need to wait until next weekend before we can (hopefully) move her in. We will be working on a temporary solution this week so that she can have her own space. The schools in GA are on Winter break this week but here they went back to school today. We are giving her a couple of days to adjust to the new place before she is registered.

Hopefully by the end of this coming weekend we will have most if not all the boxes emptied and my craft supplies organized. We moved into a majorly slightly smaller place and it is a horror fun trying to find where to put everything we brought. It can and will be done. I expect to be back to posting progress pictures in the next few weeks. Since there are no stitching photos I will leave you with a couple of others.

Gizmo hiding before the move.
The boys curled up together during the drive.

The living room almost complete.

Ta Ta for now,
Angela (now in Texas)


sharine said...

Good to hear the move went well:)

J said...

I wish you well in your new home! Glad the cats made it safely, too!

Anonymous said...

Glad y'all made it ok. How about some pics of the new place?