Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I just can't stay away!

My house is chaos!!! Imagine this...
Three households, one living space, two moves...My parents are finally combining their households and all is being shipped to the new destination. For the last two months I have had less than half the living space I am used to. During all this I am trying to pack and sort all my accumulated belongings for my move. Very little space is left. Many headaches have shown up at my house due to minds being changed, changed again, then changed back to the original and balls going sideways.

The end is in site folks. We are T-minus 4 days. I think most of my packing is complete but I can't completely tell until the packers/movers have completed their tasks. Which leads me to why I am posting with so little time left in my own move. You see, there are currently 6 big guys working all over my house packing, re-packing and moving my parent's things. I am finding it very hard to stay out of their way. All I want to do is get up and work on my packing, but when every I start to I find that I am in their way. I get a look and a very gentle "Excuse me Ma'am". I am resigned to a small corner of my living room. I don't know about any of you, but when someone is working near me I find it very difficult to not get up and work too. :) I am too antsy to work on any cross stitching and my current crochet piece is "somewhere" in this mess. I can't even get up to find it! :(

Now onto some fun stuff. I was the winner of Sara's Grow your Blog Party at www.justanotherflamingo.blogspot.com . She sent me some wonderful things.
This will be wonderful to learn on.

An OPP box, pretty pink hand dyed silks, a candle, some plants to grow and last but not least the cutest pink sparkly fabric. I already have a few ideas for this.

Thank you so much. It was such a lovely and thoughtful surprise. I am going to leave you with a few pictures while I go stalking blog hopping.

Ta Ta for now,


Cathy said...

We made a move three years ago and I know the headaches you are going through. But it's all worth it in the end. Plus I know that I got rid of a lot of junk that collected in our last house over 21 years! Good luck!

Nicola said...

Not long now and you will be in your new home. What a wonderful giveaway to win.

Sara said...

Hope everything is going well with the move.

Glad you got your box and you liked it. I was afraid I was cutting it close but USPS kept their promise and got it to you in time:)