Thursday, January 10, 2013

Quick update

I just wanted to give a quick update today.

I completed my second piece of the year. This one took longer than I expected. The pattern is deceptively simple but so beautiful.

I started ABCD 1817 by Scarlet Letter for Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year. There are so many wonderful samplers being made by the participants. I made a start...

and then had to run out and get a magnifier to be able to see where to put the needle. This is the whole first line on this sampler. I am working on 30 count linen stitching over one. This is also my first use of linen. I think I like it, but would have preferred to work the stitches over two.

I was selected to participate in a Valentine exchange with Parlsey. Since we are in the process of moving she sent mine early.
I am almost finished with hers so no pictures yet. When I opened the mail yesterday and saw my gift I was oooohhhing and aaahhhing and saying how much I loved it. My daughter saw me and gave me a look and then started laughing at me. I continued anyway because this is such a lovely little piece.

Well that's it for today folks. I volunteered to lead our Girl Scout troop tonight since our normal leader has to be away for a meeting. I am a little nervous at the thought of facing 10 teen and pre-teen girls tonight and trying to keep order. Wish me luck.

Ta Ta for now,
Angela CG in GA


sharine said...

Very nice finish:)

Parsley said...

So glad you liked your early Valentine!