Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life's little adventures

Hello everyone. I didn't realize how long it has been since I last posted. Life 's little adventures has seemed to get in the way. School has caused a lot of homework headaches. My loving daughter has had to spend many nights doing homework until almost bed time. But after a couple weeks of school we are finally oback n a schedule. We have met some wonderful friends who are helping are willing to stand by our side even when they do not have much themselves.

Work has been one headache after another. We are currently in the process of changing accounting software and all information (to the tiniest detail) needs to be entered. Stuff we never had to worry about before now needs to be found, catagorized and entered...all while trying to complete our current work load on a reduced staff. Mind you, I am not really complaining since I am working and hopefully will continue to work with my company. I enjoy working with everyone there. 

I have recently had to let some friends (at least I thought they were) slip out of my life. The wife of the couple seems to have developed an unreasonable jelousy towards me and will throw a huge temper tantrum if I even try to have a conversation with her husband. She is usually involved in the conversation. She has even started taking it out on my lovely girl and I won't have it. So, the relationship we had will have to become a part of my past. All this means that I am spending more time at home by myself. And since it is so easy to become depressed when it is just yourself I have been fighting a hard fight to keep my head above water. As many of you know, that can be the hardest thing to do.

Because of all that I needed a few quick finishes so I can do the Happy Dance. I changed the design of the trivets I had planned for my father and his wife. I decided to go with monogram. I will continue with the kitchen towels and another bigger picture to tie all of them together.

Of course, my oldest cat TigerLily had to help me.

I guess I wore him out.

I had to pull out all my progress on my oriental butterfly. I realized that I used the wrong color to start with. I now have to dig thru my stash to find a red similar to replace that already used. I have made a decent amount of progress since then.

I was also able to finish the free independence day eagle pattern by "Stitching the Night Away" and  make it into a letter holder. This will be a gift for her birthday next month. Good thing she doesn't frequent the cross stitch blogs. :)

Hopefully I will be able to get some decent cross stitching time in this week end.

TaTa for now,
Angela the crazy cat lady (as my daughter calls me)


Anonymous said...

I am sorry you are having trouble. :( Your stitching is great, and your cats are cute. I love the independence eagle. I have that one too. Need to get to it.

Denise said...

Don't you love how the boss wants more out of you in less time and fewer people? Do you know the definition of stress? It's the confusion created when the mind over rules the body's basic desire to choke the living **** out of someone who desperately deserves it.

Your stitching is great - the kitties are great helpers!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Angela!

I've been searching for a way to email you, but since I've not yet found a way to write you directly I hope you won't mind if I write to you a bit here.

I wanted to tell you how very touched I was by your comment on my blog (woman seeking). I can not possibly thank you enough as your heartfelt words brought such thoughtful happiness to me, to my world. Thank you more than I can say for taking the time to leave your words of kind encouragement for me :-)

Your stitching is lovely!
And your cat images have captured their true nature (either curious or asleep, lol) I've 'oft thought in my next life I'd enjoy being a cat so I could nap whenever the mood moved :-)

I hope our paths cross again on woman seeking. Without doubt I'll be visiting you here as your projects and days unfold....

Faith... said...

Your stitching looks beautiful! I love the eagle and how you finished it!

Could you please email me? I would like to talk to you about the penguin chart...thanks! :)


A Quiet Corner said...

Angela...first, thank you for visiting me! Secondly, I love the photo in your header...AWESOME!!! Third, your kitties are gorgeous...I'm an old cat lover from way back! Although I no longer do stitchery, they are beautiful and I'm sure your monograms will be appreciated! Hang in there as far as freinds go!!...:)JP

Tettelestai said...

Being alone really does stink! I don't like it at all. I hope you find a good group of friends, true friends, to hang out with soon.

Your stitching is so lovely!! So glad your kitty got worn out, he did such hard work ;-)

Thank you for stopping by my blog!!

Astrids dragon said...

How wonderful to "meet" you! Your stitching is lovely, I love the way you finished your Independence Day Eagle!

We had a Pekingese named Tigerlilly, she was a sweetheart and your cat looks like one too!

Di Lewis said...

Hi Angela! back again to say your cat is adorable!I love cats but our family has allergies to them :( Hang in there, try not to let others feelings get you down. Have a great day. Dianna

J said...

There are several things to say here:
I am sorry you have had the "issues" with your former friend, but I am proud of you for defending your daughter. She is more important than any fair-weather "friend!"
Your cats are beautiful. I'm also called the "crazy cat lady" by my kids and I love it. We have taken in 6 who direly needed us. They are thriving here now.
I also love your beautiful hand work. I am into quilting now - just small projects, but they make me feel peaceful and happy.
Finally, I love your header photo - it just blew me away! I'm glad we'll be in touch as we share our lives through posting!
Bless you!

Angela Cruz-Garcia said...

Thank you for your lovely comments. I found the picture in my header on my computer in the sample files. I just loved the colors.

RoseMary said...

Love, Love the cats, that would be me, but my husband is not a cat person.

Robyn said...

Praying your life is going well and the Lord has brought peace and happiness into your alone hours. Loving and protecting our children is a lifetime experience and we never give up as mommas. Keep on making those lovely stitches and see the progress! blessings