Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lots of Stitching and another giveaway

Surprise...two posts in one month (lol).

Today I have pictures and another giveaway from the wonderfully generous Nancy over at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe .

Christmas in July Favorite colors give-away, enter now!

We have lots of goodies that will start going out tomorrow so be sure you have signed up for each give-away. You must post a comment on each one you want to enter.

For the last give-away....lets do your favorite colors and a surprise from me!!!!

Isn't she wonderful? I have quite a few of her threads and one of her patterns and I am loving them. Stop on over and tell her I said hi!!

Updated: Nancy is awsome, she has another one going on starting today.

1600 yards of hand dyed floss give-away! Lets do it again! Enter now!

We just had two winners of this fantastic floss collection.....lets give it away again!!!!!
Christmas in July continues with this great give-away of 1600 yards of hand dyed floss, the entire 1795 floss collection! 80 beautiful skeins, 20 yards each. My retail is $156, would be over $700 from other companies

Now onto my pictures. As mentioned in my previous post, I didn't do a whole lot of stitching for the first couple of weeks this month but I made up for it this weekend. I held my own personal hermit weekend. Baby girl spent all day out in the neighborhood with her friends and I was able to quietly sit and stitch. Heaven.

I started the Stitcher's Challenge piece for Q4OCA. This one is going to Love Quilts Brazil. I've had this pattern in my stash since I first started stitching many years ago. This juggling bear is from a Leisure Arts booklet called Baby's Big Top. He is stitched on a mystery piece of 28 ct white fabric. I am definitely going to use the higher counts of fabric for anything that has 1/4 or 3/4 stitches. It is so much easier than trying to force your needle through Aida.

Once I finished the bear Saturday, I needed something else to do so I started on the Anniversary Angel. Once I started on this I couldn't put it down. I love colors I picked.

I finished the angel in record time (less than a full day) so I again had a decision to make. I could continue on a WIP or start something new. I picked up the piece I work on during lunches and finished August's Cupcake. I only had a little bit to do to so I finished it up and pulled the threads for September and October. I put those back in my bag ready for Monday.

I still had time left on Sunday and I decided on the new start after all. I didn't get very far that night, but I did make a start.

The colors of Stephanie's fabric in this pic is the closest to the true colors.

Ending point on Day 2.

I was only able to put in one thread, but at least I had
needle and thread in hand yesterday. Day 3

I am stitching this on 18 ct Aida Nature's Dance by Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie. I changed all the colors on this one because I didn't have any of the recommended threads and I kitted it up while I was participating in Mel's Stitch from Stash earlier this year. At first I was afraid that the colors would be too dark, but I am really loving the colors. I've been very tired this week and haven't been able to work on it much.

I've also made the decision to look for a new job. I haven't mentioned many of the problems and issues that have come up at my current place, but suffice it to say, the transition of managers coming and going has not been easy. The boss just before this newest one went to work at a company in San Antonio. As many of you know, my brother is also in San Antonio and we go to visit with him whenever we can. She contacted me a couple of weeks ago and mentioned that there might be a position opening at her company and she asked if I would be interested. Of course I said yes. This would mean I could once again live near at least some of my family and have that support system close by. All that to say...I have an in person interview with some of the members of the department this Friday. I am both nervous and excited. The phone interview I already did went very well. I really feel that this is the right decision for my family. Any and all prayers are welcome.

I've got to get back to the daily grind,

Ta Ta for now,
Angela CG in TX


Denise said...

Hi, Angela. Thank you for your comment on my blog.

I love the Stitch from Stash Challenge that you are participating in. Can you tell me more about how it works? Like how do you "earn" money/points? Or the "budget"? And how can I sign-up? It looks like such fun and a great way to get me to finish some of my many, many incomplete projects!

Thank you. denise :D

stitchersanon said...

Good luck with your interview! Amazing stitching xx

Sally said...

Lots of lovely stitching Angela.

I hope your interview foes well.