Monday, June 29, 2015

Final SFS 2015

Hello all,

Today is my last post for Stitch from Stash 2015. I participated last year and the first half of this year. I have a handle on how I spend money on stash. This last year and a half helped me to see where I was spending my money and what I can do to help offset those cost just a little and I want to thank Mel over at Epic Stitching for helping me to get a better handle on my stash finances. I still plan on following all the posts and keeping track of all the new tips and tricks to continue to safe and reduce my spending. I have noticed that keeping track of my spending in this area is also having a positive effect on my spending in other areas.

Now onto the final numbers:

Month: June

Carry Forward: $165.04 ($97.04 + $25.00 current month budget)

Spent: $ 81.33
A trip to Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann's for floss and fabric for three charity stitching projects, and an order from Stephanie's Hand Dyed Fabrics for a wonderful Quaker Hearts pattern by Aury TM Designs and the fabric to stitch them on.

Earned: $ 20.00
Monthly Cupcakes June & July ($2.00 each)
Stoney Creek Life's a Journey 2013
Stoney Creek Take Time for Yourself 2013
Stoney Creek - Halloween pt 2 2015

Final: $103.71

This month I was able to get quite a few things completed. Go Me!!

First up is a Stoney Creek pattern of the month from 2013 Life's a Journey.

Then I worked on and completed the second in the series take time for yourself. (I've been working on the third in the series, but didn't quite finish by the cut off).

Then I was able to finish both June and July's cupcake's (my work projects).

And last but not least, the new Stoney Creek's pattern of the month for June Scary Sights. The more I work with the glow in the dark thread, the better I get at it. I am going to have to add this thread to a couple of other Halloween projects. :) I will add all the buttons and beads at the end. Only two more months to complete. This is stitched on 32 ct Jobelan Calypso Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie using the recommended threads


Justine said...

Lovely stitching and well done on staying within SFS!

Mii Stitch said...

Absolutely love the Halloween stitching!!!