Friday, December 13, 2013

Cat Collage Update, a Field Trip and a new Recepie

Hello all,

I was finally able to get all the brown outline completed on my cat collage. At first I was only going to do the box that I was working in, but after a while the cloth I am stitching it on would get heavy and cause my fingers to cramp. My thought was that if I could finally get the whole outline done, then I could safely cut the excess material away and make the whole project much easier to handle. So I stitched and stitched with the same drab DMC 610 until it was all finished. I actually did pretty good and only had to frog two sections. Now normally I won't wash a piece until I am completely done, but this piece has been sitting around for over a year and has survived a move. It was very dirty. So in the wash (in a lingerie (sp?) bag) on delicate, hung up to dry and ironed.

Thank goodness all the dirt came out. I was able to cut off the excess fabric and sew the edges. I also removed all the tape that I had on the edges. (I did that before I knew not to use tape). As you can see I still have aways to go, but I feel pretty good with my progress. I know I have enough material and I have each section ready for me to stitch it's occupant. Below is a close up shot of the completed occupants.
After getting everything cut down to size, I asked my little one which cat I should do next and she picked the box with the words. What is funny is that this little kitten is my 13th stitched cat and he is # 13 on the pattern. I was going to go back to the other side ( am am kinda near the right side of the project) I would continue where the hoop is so I did not have to move my hoop. (Being a little lazy :) So cat # 14 will be stitched in the box to the left of the kitten and under the words.
While I was finishing this one up and starting # 14, I had a stitching buddy.
Last weekend my brother really wanted to attend Mudfest again for his birthday and he wanted me there. Boy was it COLD!!!! We had some barrels set up so we could TRY (and I mean only try) to keep warm. In the picture the truck with the Rebel Flags is a friend who was with us. He has a great looking truck up close. I didn't think that I would really like attending this event but after my second experience, I think I will keep attending. With one exception...I will NOT EVER attend the winter event again. It is too cold!!!!
Below is a little video of a silly little jeep trying to pull out a stuck truck. He had the power but not the weight.

There have been some pretty nice looking recipes on Facebook lately. One for a Pepperoni Stromboli sounded easy enough to make. And with simple ingredients something even my little one would eat.

I like mushrooms on my pizza but the little one does not, so...we made two. I split the dough in half (pre-made pizza crust), put half the ingredients (pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, seasoning mix (two egg yolks, Italian seasoning, Parmesan cheese and 1/4 cup oil) on mine and the other half on hers, then added mushrooms to mine. Rolled them up, pinched the ends closed, twisted a little bit of leftover dough into a ribbon to mark one of them, spread the egg whites on top and Ta Da!! Personal Stromboli. Delish! The little one ate all of hers and she is a picky eater. I am not sure where the original recipe came from so I can't post it.

Well, I've got to run and get some things done.

Ta Ta for now,


Kaisievic said...

What an interesting post - I really enjoyed reading it.

Kaisievic said...

P.S. Love the cats! Great progress.

Lija Broka said...

Well done on getting the fabric sorted. I know how you feel about size and dirt. I have a HAED that I have been stitching for a year and a half now (and I moved in between too), fabric is a bit big for the frame (the largest I could find in a shop) so had to be rolled on the sides and it is not good for tension or rolling, and there is a definite line if one rolls of clean and slightly dirty fabric ... yuk! Me deviating oops. Looking forward to the cats update. And I am, definitely hungry now.