Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Long overdue update

 I just love looking at all the different fabric choices offered at 44th Street Fabric who is having a wonderful giveaway this month. Stop by for a visit.

Absolutely no update on any of my Scarlet Letter pieces.

My Garden Journal has January complete and February almost completed. I will post another picture when I complete February. I received the chart for March and will start on that soon.

WOCS - two snowflakes are complete and just need to be sent. I am working on a butterfly

Q4OC - Mystery Heart almost complete but had to stop for a little bit because it was becoming one of those "Have To" stitches that just didn't want to get done. Need to complete my butterfly and cross pieces.

Still no job yet. The last interview I went on was perfect. The interviewers were very impressed but was then told that they are going to wait a while before the job becomes available. Just received a call and have another interview set up for Friday. I liked being at home but now I am ready to be around people (sorry to say that baby girl is not quite old enough to count right now). I need to have conversations with other adults.

During this time I was picked as the second winner from CraftyCat's Grow Your Blog Party Giveaway. When I found out that I won my daughter happened to be in the room. She said "Aw Mom, you are always winning stuff. I really like those colors". I kinda had to laugh at this and mentioned it in my email to Cathy. My plan was to give her the bracelet when I received it. To my surprise there was a second bracelet made just for my little girl. She was soooo happy to receive it. Thank you so much Cathy.

Here they are together. It wasn't until I was getting the pictures ready
 for posting that I realized we were photo bombed by our eldest Tigerlily.

I have been reading every one's blogs but have not had the energy, will, desire whatever, to make comments. I will not boor anyone with all the details but I am having a hard time trying to keep it together lately. Not quite sure what to do but I do know that somehow things will all work out. Hopefully before too much longer.

As far as this whole Google Reader going away I don't seem to have a problem with Bloglovin. When I signed up I wasn't required to post anything about people following me (maybe I didn't do something right?). I tend not to read the snippets on the front page and just go straight to the blogs. What I find nice is that when I click on the name of the post I can go to that post and on the top of the screen is a place that I can go to the next blog I like to read without having to exit from that screen and then there is to counter up there as well so that I can know how many new posts I have not yet read. I find that I like this method because I enjoy seeing the original post. I guess I am simple that way.

Ta Ta for now,


Cathy said...

You are very welcome! I'm glad that you and your daughter both like your bracelets. Good luck on the job search. And your stitching looks great!

Astrids dragon said...

Oooh, Jan & Feb look fantastic! How sweet to send a bracelet for your daughter too, they look great!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love your Garden Journal! I'm going to have to take a look at the SAL blog now.
I found that getting involved with whatever groups the children go to really helps with adult contact. I am still Treasurer for the Mother & Toddler Group I joined ten years ago, I also wrote for the Music Group Newsletter and I'm on the PTA for the Primary School. I've just allowed myself to be talked int joining the Preschool Commitee and I'm sure there is a fundraising group at the Small Boy's special school!
Ps remove the option to comment as Anon and you'll get rid of your spammer!

jazs07 said...

I just started stitching about 2 months ago and never thought I would be so into it, well I still need a lot of practice to be considered good at it right now me and my haberdashery kit are inseparable